Wheelie Bike is a fun game where you try to keep the front wheel of your bike in the air for as long as you can. Don’t lean back too much, or you’ll fall and hit the ground. Stay balanced while going over obstacles.

How to play Wheelie Bike:
In this game, your goal is to do a wheelie and ride down the road on just your back wheel. maintain wheelie far as you can. If your front wheel touches the ground, or if you fall, you’ll have to start again.

To play, tap and hold to lift your front wheel when you start. Let go to lower the wheel when you need to balance, and tap again to lift it. You’ll go over hills and other obstacles that make your bike tilt. Move quickly to keep your balance.

Play with your friends and see who can go the farthest. Don’t forget to collect coins and buy a new bike.

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